Monday, February 23, 2015


Just a quick post to share a moment in my evening a couple of nights ago.

I was in the kitchen, making dinner, and could hear (and see) much loud happiness from the living room, where my three "kids" (all now adults) and two of their partners, were involved in playing or watching a videogame together.

Four of them were actively playing.
One was doing something online while watching the others, and joining in some of the hilarious commentary.

It struck me that this was not unlike when they were very young, and played together.

My point is this:
At the ages of 27, 25, and 21, my kids still play together, with each other, and each other's friends.
And me.
In our house.
I'm not into that particular game (and we only have 4 controllers, which I think is the max?), so my participation was to join in the raucous conversation, good natured ribbing, and laughter, while going about what I was doing.

I have to say, I'm good with this.

(One note: it is far more difficult now to fit everyone on the couch!!)

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