Saturday, April 4, 2015

They Do Grow Up

Yesterday was my oldest son's 28th birthday.
It was the first birthday in his life that we didn't see each other.

We exchanged a few texts, but didn't even talk to each other.

It felt very strange.

One of the reasons we didn't get together is that my daughter is out of town for a couple of days.
There is something she wanted to do that could only happen this weekend.

It is the first time, in their lives, that ANY of the kids spent their birthday without all three of them being together.

They do grow up, I guess.

We'll be getting together tomorrow and celebrating a couple of days late.
There will be cake.
There will be presents.
There will be games and general hilarity.

But it still feels like the beginning of some sort of new era.

I'm feeling a tiny bit nostalgic this evening.

My oldest hasn't gone far. He's a few minutes away.
Except for right now, when he and his girlfriend are sitting on my couch, over here doing their laundry. :-)

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