Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Here I am, starting a new blog.

Although unschooling is interwoven in everything I do, and in all the blogs I write or contribute to, I have yet to have a blog actually devoted to the subject.

Since Sue started up an unschooling blog carnival again, I thought it might be time to start writing more about this in my own space, rather than comments on various blogs and facebook pages, etc.

I don't have any idea yet how frequently I'll post here, or exactly what form it will take. We'll see. For now, my plan is to write about things as they come up. I'll share a bit of my thinking process and the things I'm currently wondering about. I might share what projects we're up to.

We do a LOT of looking up information here. If I could have my brain hardwired to Google, and have ongoing access to various obscure bits of information, I'd be good with that.

As far as projects, we're always doing something.

In the past half an hour we've been having a snowball fight inside the house, one which I am currently losing. This will change. What is that quote?  (Hang on...  googling about to happen...)(dang it, found it, but it is unattributed)

"Old age and treachery beats youth and skill every time."

I can smell cupcakes baking in the kitchen- we're going to work on learning to decorate in a manner that looks somewhat more professional than just slapping a blob of frosting on with a knife. We've been watching The Next Great Baker and are somewhat inspired.

Meanwhile, the comforter on the couch is leaking feathers, and my cat, who is usually primarily black, is currently resembling a fluffy white bird, so I'm hunting down the holes and patching them with duct tape.

We're waiting for yesterday's birthday boy to wake up so we can continue watching his birthday presents- a couple of different sets of DVDs. It would probably be rude to watch his gifts without him, so we're abstaining for the moment. Should be another hour or so.

Winter is finally looking like winter outside. Snow has been coming down for most of the daylight part of the day so far.

And what is up with that?
How can it be "in the morning" if it's still dark out?  Like 2am. I got news for you, "two in the morning" is NOT "in the morning." It's in the middle of the night. Seriously. Show me someone who really feels like that time is in the morning. This has been bugging me for a while.

Likewise, that seasons start on a particular day, EVERYWHERE in the same hemisphere at the same time, is kind of ridiculous. Now technically, perhaps Spring starts in March, but in reality, it sure as heck doesn't start in March HERE. And I'm willing to bet it isn't very Spring-like in March in Alaska, either. On the other hand, when I was very small, and lived in Georgia, Spring started in February. Flowers blooming and everything. I spent a lot of years always feeling like it SHOULD be Spring in February, while knowing rationally that it ISN'T, and it wasn't until we visited Georgia in February once that I realized I had been pre-programmed to expect Spring much earlier than I normally get it.

Anyway. It bugs me. I understand the concept of the solstices and equinoxes, but you know, they don't translate so well to actual temperatures and conditions in widely varying locations. I think we should just give up that concept entirely, and call things the way they really are. That way, all the students here wouldn't get so confused when the "Fall Semester" has the warm weather, and the "Spring Semester" has most of the snow.

There you have it. My thoughts for the moment. A little odd, maybe.
Get used to it.


  1. I think this is a GREAT idea. And I like your post about seasons. I actually think of 2a.m. as still part of the day before. For me, the day before isn't really over until about 5 a.m. THEN it's the next day. 4 a.m. is still a little limbo, 3 definitely belongs to the day before. I think that's because when I was in college, we typically stayed out dancing until 2, went to eat afterwards, THEN called it a day. lol

    I also started an unschooling blog. it felt like it should be separate. You've written such wonderful posts to people on email lists over the years, maybe you have some of them?

  2. No, Sue, I don't have copies of any of the stuff I've written over the years. A few things are somewhere on one of Sandra Dodd's pages. There is a little bit on my very old, not maintained website. But most of it, I no longer have.
    I could probably hunt back through archives of a list or two, if I wanted to.
    Too bad there was no way to save all the information originally posted way back when on AOL. It sure would be interesting to be able to read it now!